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Woman Has a Fuzzy Green Staircase You Have to See to Believe

So cozy!

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The beauty of owning your home is, you can decorate it in any way you please. Such as giving your bathroom a DIY mural. You can certainly go to town with it, as there really isn't a limit. 

TikTok creator Carmen Croxall feels the same way and decorated her home in an interesting and very unique style. Especially her staircase looks like it either comes straight from Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland. Let's take a look. 

It's perfect!

Imagine falling down these stairs! It certainly won't be as bad since it's soft and almost works as cushions. It looks like she just bought some shaggy- or faux fur fabric and wrapped them in it.

That simple.

She also added a unique staircase knob, which she found at the thrift store. Although it isn't even a staircase knob - so to speak - but certainly looks like one. And it fits perfectly!

However, the TikTok community had mixed feeling about the staircase, the staircase knob, and her entire home, according to what the comments say.

As one TikToker (@in444mationhighway) posted,

"Your house is so delightfully tacky in a way I barely ever see, I love it so much."

This is an interesting way of giving a compliment, to say the least.

Another TikToker (@1vix8) wrote,

"My favourite colours ..,.. like the wedding in Nanny McPhee…. Love it."

I have to watch this movie now!

And TikToker @coldgreenbathwater commented,

"I absolutely adore this, I can't wait to own a home and make it mine like this."

I love it too! If you've already watched Carmen's other videos, you know she has an eccentric style when it comes to interior and decor. It's a colorful explosion with random things that somehow go well and complement each other. 

What are your thoughts?

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