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This Hack Makes Hanging a Gallery Wall Way Easier

What a game changer.

Gallery walls are should be a staple in just about every home given how beautiful they are. What we love the most about gallery walls is that you can be as creative and personable as you like with it adding everything from hanging plants and mirrors to family portraits and wall prints. However, while we love just about everything regarding gallery walls, the only downside to them is getting the alignment of the pictures just right to avoid crooked pictures.

If you struggle with this, TikTok content creator @thebeldamstudio has the perfect solution for you in the video below!


Do you see how perfectly aligned those pictures are? There are no crooked photos, mirrors or plants — it’s practically perfect! All she did was measured the wall to gather the right mount of brown tracing paper she would need for the project. Next, she traced the items that she wanted use for her gallery wall onto the long brown tracing paper that was cut large enough to fit all the pictures and mirrors and other items. She then taped the paper onto the wall and used a hammer to nail the places in which she would hang the items. Afterwards, she removed the paper from the wall and simply hung the items in their appropriate spaces.

So simple and genius! What a way to work smarter and not harder!