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This Furniture Salve Is a Game-Changer

We need this!

If you're like me, and you enjoy a rustic look with a lot of leather and wooden furniture, you also know they need a lot more TLC. Since these types of furniture are more expensive - especially leather - using products specifically designed for leather and wood is crucial to make them long-lasting. 

This TikTok creator @carolinafurnitureflips shows a quick tutorial on how to salve (get it?) that problem. 


It's like a magic eraser but for wood. And it is all natural! It's called Furniture Salve (duh) and contains white tea, and natural essential oils, such as lavender oil, bergamot, thyme, lemon, ginger, and mandarin. Although it is $31, it will last you for a while, as a little bit goes a long way. All you do is use a polishing cloth or steel wool, dip it into the salve, and then gently massage your wood. As you can see, the water ring magically disappears, without much force. The best part is the furniture looks like new again. 

Apparently, there are other household items you could use instead to treat a water stain on wooden furniture. Such as mayonnaise, vinegar, unsalted butter, and even vaseline, as some TikTokers suggest in the comments section. 

This salve seems perfect though!