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Woman Has a Garden Library She-Shed and Wow, We’re Jealous

Clearly she is living her best life.

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So we have seen a bunch of sheds turned into all sorts of different cool areas by now. From Man Caves to She Sheds, there are tons of ways of taking even old outbuildings and transforming them into something completely and totally new. You could bring to life your idea for a new hot tub space or just a little home away from home for others to drop by and visit!

But a library? Well, that is a new (and totally cool) idea brought to us straight from TikTok creator Ova, aka ExcuseMyReading!


So when we say that this She Shed turned library is something that we never knew we wanted, we totally mean it. The whole idea is perfect for anyone who loves books and who has, unfortunately, run out of room in the rest of their house. (And there are a ton of us who have done so out there!)

Ova’s She Shed is out in her backyard, down just a little path, and as soon as the door is first opened you see a ton of books in nearly floor-to-ceiling shelving, with books shoved even up into any little gap, and there’s plenty of natural sunlight streaming in from the large windows. There’s also a little sitting area, perfect for perching and reading all those great books.

Now, what we absolutely love about this is the idea that it is still a work in progress. There is still so much to be done to make the area the perfect library hideaway, meaning that there is still so much potential in the space for it to become a dream place. Hopefully, this creator will add more videos in the future so we get to see exactly how far she takes her little library!

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