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Gardner Has Great Advice for Checking Soil Health Before Overwintering Garden Beds

This is a great yearly garden prep routine to consider!
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Home gardening is not as simple as walking outside, tossing a seed on the ground, and waiting for it to grow. That's why home gardeners take such pride in the crops they grow because they take serious manual labor to grow. From weeding, building garden beds, putting up fencing, starting seeds indoors, transplanting starts, adding mulch, nutrients, and soil amendments, and over-wintering your garden.

Most gardeners are extremely active with the garden in the summer months and when winter hits they become hands off and step back from the garden, letting it sit until spring is on the horizon. TikToker and home gardener @fromdreamtoseed posted an informative TikTok explaining one crucial thing you should be doing in your garden each winter season, to optimize your soil.

The woman explains it is crucial to protect your soil over the winter because soil exposed to the elements can result in erosion and nutrient loss.

There are a few key ways one can protect its garden soil over the winter. One protection method is planting cover crops in your gardening area. Cover crops keep a living root in the soil, reducing compaction and erosion, and welcoming microorganisms. Another idea is to add an organic material mulch, such as wood chips, straw, or fallen leaves. Microorganisms break down the organic material and supply the soil with nutrients, the thick layer on top prevents erosion, and protects the soil beneath. The last suggestion the woman has is to add a thick layer of compost, over the winter the compost slowly feeds down into your soil, adding nutrients and protecting the soil beneath.

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