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Hubby Shows Wife Trick For Getting Rid of Weeds

And it’s saving her hours of work and back pain.

If you’ve ever had a garden, a front yard, a walkway, or pretty much anywhere outside where there are weeds then you’ve probably spent at least a little bit of time weeding. And weeding can be, if not difficult, at least time-consuming! You’re bent over, pulling and yanking and throwing the weeds into a pile, only to have to do it again and again.

Sure, you could toss out some weed killer or maybe try some weird chemicals to try and keep the weeds down, but if you don’t trust that, or they don’t work, what do you do? Well, you could always try this one husband’s interesting tip that he shared with his wife that sure does take killing weeds to a whole new level.


Christina and Trevor are a pair of DIY homesteaders, so you could very well say that they know what they are talking about when it comes to things like gardening and weeding. And Christina does share with us that she has spent many a year weeding the traditional way - bent over, yanking, and tossing into a trash pile.

That was, until Trevor shared with her his tip for weed-killing. And his answer is one that might interest a lot of you - a blowtorch.

Well, technically the pair call it a weed burner, so it is probably not-as-strong as a typical blowtorch. He then walks around literally burning all of the weeds into little ash piles, and Christina lets us know that he managed to do what normally takes her hours in about fifteen minutes. Now, this is extremely useful in certain circumstances such as this pair’s where most of their weeds are located in their gravel paths but you could also use it along fencelines and such! We wouldn’t recommend using it in your garden itself, but it can at least save you a ton of time in other areas!

Commenters also suggest pouring boiling hot water on them if you can’t or don’t want to use open flames. Remember, this is open fire and you don’t want to use it somewhere that isn’t appropriate, no matter how fun it can be!