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This Genius Palette Fence Is Every Gardener’s Dream

What a cool idea!

Pallet wood and boards seem to be around everywhere these days. From indoor farmhouse craft ideas to building an entire outdoor storage shed made out of pallets, these boards are handy, cheap, and if you are willing to put the time into finishing them out, they can work well for so many projects.

And occasionally we get some really creative uses sent in, such as this super cool garden slash fence idea from TikTok.


We have to give tons of credit to creator Ashley Becker (lilacandloops) for this cool garden idea. The idea itself is inventive, but also rather simple and one that could probably be implemented in your own garden in a single afternoon, or maybe a little longer if you have a larger plot to fence around.

Ashley appears to have set up a long row of unfinished pallet boards, attaching them to sturdier natural wood posts where each meet, in the garden behind her house. This leaves the large gaps between the two main ‘pallet’ sides of the board facing upwards, which in turn creates the perfect space to put in a little dirt (or in Ashley’s case gardening rocks), and turn the old palettes into neat planters.

Not only are the plants kept up off of the ground and away from smaller pest animals, it also fits well with any farmhouse chic aesthetic. You could also add climbing plants if you wanted to; the vertical nature of the palettes is a neat replacement for the traditional gardening stakes.

In any case, this palette hack is the perfect opportunity to save money and cutely display your plants, all while saving yourself some money. In other words, one of the coolest hacks we’ve seen in a while!