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American Husband Baffled By German Windows

Why does it open like that?

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If you're someone who travels frequently and has been to Europe - or even Canada - also knows that customs and architecture are quite different than what we are used to seeing here in the states. Such as living in an actual medieval castle.

Speaking of architecture, windows are also quite different, as the family of this TikTok account @laedwards_family discovered. Well, more so the American husband. 


If you're German or have been to Germany, you know what's up. The windows do take some getting used to, as there are many ways you can maneuver the handle to open them. Well, actually just two ways. Either fully or "auf Kippe," as his German wife mentioned. 

However, watching him figure it out is hilarious, as he doesn't see the handle right away but an area that certainly requires a key. So he asks his wife,

"Do you have the key?"

Mind you, they are in a hotel room. 

Where she responds with,

"No there is a handle."

And as he moves the curtain to the side, he finally sees the handle and turns it. The window finally opens a little "auf Kippe," and in shock, he wanted to catch it because he thought it was broken and would fall on him. 

His reaction is priceless. To be fair, the window is as big as a door, so he is right in his comment.

However, he goes back to the bottom where a key is needed and asks his wife,

"So what's the key down here for?"

His wife answers that she doesn't know but to probably fully open it to clean it and since they are in a hotel, for safety reasons. 

As they mentioned in the caption of their video, their Euro trip is full of surprises. And I believe it!