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Woman Captures Bathroom Drawers Moving On Their Own And People Think It's Something Worse Than Ghosts

Ghosts might be the least of their problems.

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For those who believe in the paranormal, they likely also believe that there are different types of entities out there. Theories around ghosts say that they are exclusively people who passed away and either suffered some sort of traumatic death or have unresolved issues. They are fairly harmless, just a tad creepy. Poltergeists on the other hand aren't theorized to be people at all.

"[P]oltergeists have nothing to do with ghosts or spirits at all," explains Psychic Elements. "The best way to describe it is active kinetic energy that causes physical disturbances." 

Another big distinction is their violent tendencies are physically felt and tangibly seen, but the entity is not. 

And thirdly, there are supposedly demons. Demons exist purely to terrorize and exude evil. They have only malicious intent, and seek no resolution of than their personal gain.

For Celsa Rundle, a TikToker who has been chronicling paranormal activity in her home, she is definitely  beyond ghosts at  this point. Her latest video showcasing what happens in her bathroom is "evidence" of that.


This poor woman and her family have been dealing with these insane interactions for some time now, Spirits in her home have gone from being merely visible to moving things around, and after setting up a security camera, they were able to begin capturing it. 

Followers warned that after following their story for a bit, she may be in demon/poltergeist territory. Many recommended she try to clear out the energy by going with a professional, like a medium or priest. 

All we know is we would be outta' that house so dang fast.