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New Mom Captures Baby's Empty Swing Mysteriously Rocking On Its Own

Exactly what was making it move?

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Newborn mom tired is a whole different level of exhaustion. Babies need so much from moms that things start to feel like a daydream. There are so many sleepless days and nights, you swear you start seeing things after a bit. And one mom on TikTok thought that might be the case when she caught something moving in her living room. So she turned on her camera to capture it and officially confirmed the movement she saw had nothing to do with her sleep. 


As the baby coos in the background you can see the mobile portion of the electric powered swing is moving. Of course, this wouldn't be weird at all if the power was actually on. You can hear the mom ask in the background if anyone can see that when it suddenly stops. But the activity doesn't end there. 

Then the basinet part of the swing begins rocking, but no one is there pushing it nor is the swing turned on. All it does is pick up speed slightly before the camera cuts off. Apparently, this isn't the first time the house has experiences some weird activity, as the home owners claim their motion detection cameras are constantly being set off and they swear they have even seen faces in their windows. 

While we hope this is all a trick of the eye, that swing video is pretty tough to explain.