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Woman Captures 'Pacing Figure' In Woods During Daylight, Only No One's Really There

We cannot explain this.

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Our minds tend to play tricks on us a lot in the dark. With one sense dulled, the others get heightened, so we are more attuned to hearing bumps in the night or mistakenly take a shadow cast for a real moving object. But when you see something totally inexplicable during broad daylight, well, that's when the heebie-jeebies really settle in. 

One woman claims that she had a super paranormal experience in the full sunny daylight from the window of her home, and she managed to capture it on camera. 


In the distance in the thick of the trees you can see a figure pacing back and forth. They seem to be walking in a pattern, but never do anything more than pace. On it's face that doesn't seem too weird, but the woman says this has been going on for for 5 days for hours at a time. So naturally, she became a little suspicious and went to check it out. But the weirdest part? When she gets close and calls out, no one can be seen moving. She even asked if they were ok and if they needed help, which if you listen closely you can heard a wordless moan. That's about when she "noped" on out of there, and we don't blame her one bit!

It could very well be the trick of the light, but looking at the footage it's not likely. We'd probably never get another place that overlooks a forest ever again.