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Dad Claims He Caught Ghost Talking To His Teen Son On Camera

Well, at least he is polite.

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Not every entity is one to contend with. Sometimes they can peacefully coexist, lurking in the shadows of our homes without so much as a negative thought. And while we might be a little weirded out by their presence we can absolutely make our living space with them a calm and even friendly one. In fact, one young man has a great relationship with a spirit that lives in his house and he didn't even know it. 

Well at least, if he didn't know it before, he certainly does now. Recently a dad was reviewing security footage when he heard a strange noise. When he slowed it down he couldn't believe his ears. 


The footage shows the teen heading into the kitchen for a snack. He grabs it, says hello to his dog and goes on his merry way. However, after he says something to his pup and turns to leave you can hear a faint voice say "See you...friend."

Followers couldn't believe their ears, but took it as a nice reminder that not all super natural entities are to be totally feared. If they can see us as a friend, there's no reason we can share a home effectively.