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Dad Captures Unseen Entity Moving Things Around In Family Kitchen More Than Once

"When the ghost is looking for a snack but all you have are condiments."

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh. And when your home is haunted by a spirit or entity who is more annoying than they are evil, well, laugh you must. For the Hamily Family on TikTok, their spiritual intruder has a fondness for their kitchen, which results in some pretty startling and admittedly creepy encounters.

Recently, the dad was chatting with his toddler about playing when the refrigerator door swung open mysteriously. 


The dad peers over his shoulder and catches the fridge door on its way to closing. So he gets up, makes his way over the baby gate and sees the door abruptly fly open. He immediately backs away and "nopes" on out of there. 

The camera has actually caught this ghost in action a few times. There is footage of it knocking cups out of the cabinet, sliding products across the counter, and even moving pans on the stove. Every time, the Hamily's look freaked out, which lends to the believability that they are cohabiting with a mischievous spirit.  

Overall, the family does seem to have a grip on it, but in truth dealing with this every day has to be pretty frustrating. We're so glad they can take it in stride.