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Mom Thinks Ghost Was Trying to Wake Kids After Reviewing Disturbing Footage

We cannot explain that creepy hand.

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The truth is there are a lot of things you can do to "explain" the paranormal away. The wind, the light, a trick of the eye or a shadow cast, all of it sounds pretty plausible. But ever now and then something so inexplicable happens, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels trying to figure out what really was going on, and no logical explanation comes to mind. 

That's exactly how we feel about about this video circulating TikTok.


The camera, which is pointed towards two sleeping kids is innocent enough, but then things start inexplicably rustling around, and suddenly something pulls down a game controller from the bureau. At first you want to write it off as a fluke thing, but panning in closer, what looks like a tiny hand grips the controller wire and seemingly intentionally pulls it down. That's a little tough to pin on the wind. 

The mom also claimed that you could see the comforter pressing down as if someone was using it to balance themselves for leverage but of course no one is there. Being this is one of the first encounters this family caught on camera, there isn't a ton of updates on the poltergeist situation, but one thing is for sure: We'd be sleeping with one eye open.