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Watch Woman Recreate Giant Christmas Ornament Dupe

It looks so cool!

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We might only be in mid-October but certain stores already started to carry Christmas decor and candy. I know, it's hard to believe - but it's a fact. And although there is still some time until the Christmas season officially starts, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busiest time of the year, it's better to start prepping early. You can even start creating your own Christmas tree DIY style as this couple did with their DIY yarn Christmas tree.

TikTok creator Micah (@makeitwithmicah) also had a great idea for a DIY project, as she shares in her video. 


They look like the ones you can find in New York City during Christmas. So pretty!

Since these giant Christmas ornaments are expensive - around $50 per ornament to be exact - the best way is the DIY method. All you need are bouncy balls, spray paint in silver and gold, Tupper ware, metal wire, some glue, and some tools. You can probably get the bouncy balls at Marshall's or Walmart, as well as the Tupperware and the paint at Home Depot. All you need to do is spray paint the balls and Tupperware, insert a hole into the Tupperware, add the wire, and glue it to the ball. And there you have it, a giant Christmas ornament dupe.

Pretty easy and it looks legit like it was bought on Amazon.