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Woman Makes Giant Nutcracker Out of Home Depot Buckets

And honestly we’re beyond impressed.

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Christmas is right around the corner, and that means it is time to really step up your game and get all those DIYs going (if you haven’t already started, that is!) And we’ve got a ton of great ideas floating around, like these gorgeous floating candles, or all sorts of cute things you can do or add to your Christmas trees!

So let’s add one more to that list with the most adorable, and biggest, Nutcracker that you can add to your own yard or home, all thanks to Home Depot and TikTok creator Katie Scary!


Now, when we say that this is a big Nutcracker, we mean it. The creation, once complete, is actually taller than Katie herself is, which totally just adds to the overall impressive look. And the backbone of this project just so happens to be multiple large, heavy-duty Home Depot buckets.

To start, the buckets get stacker on top of each other - two for the body and one for the head. Arms and legs are added using more tubing before Katie gets to painting. White goes down first for the head and hat before she starts adding on red, which actually makes up the biggest part of the body. The legs are also taped off and painted white, creating the pants that the Nutcracker wears under his black boots.

The top bucket is then taped off and painted black to create the signature hat before Katie starts adding on the finishing details, including a gold belt, white wool for the back of the head and jacket, buttons, sashes, and more. The final step is to add on some eyes and a jaunty mustache, really bringing this Nutcracker to life!

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