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Woman Makes DIY Giant Decorative Cupcakes To Make Home Look Like a Gingerbread House

This is a cute idea for the holidays we bet no one else has done.

Are you ready for Christmas? If not, you better start getting there, and there is no better time than now! And best of all, we’ve got a ton of DIYs you can use to get yourself there, ranging from Christmas tree collars to ways to organize your house in special ways to truly welcome your guests and a ton of others!

And now Ana over at Sunrise Valley Farm channel on TikTok has come up with yet another clever and creative way to get yourself feeling the season with the most adorable faux cupcakes to make your home look like a gingerbread house!


I cannot explain all the different ways that I love this ultra-adorable DIY. So I’ll just let Ana describe how she makes it, and show off how she uses it in her decorating scheme for her life-size gingerbread house decorating project. To start she grabs several Home Depot buckets and removes their handles. Each one then gets spray painted in a bright pastel color and set aside to dry completely.

Once dry, the buckets are then brought inside and Ana fills in the bottom with rocks so they won’t fly away or tip over, then stuffs them full with extra newspaper and the like. This is so that, when she does the next step, she doesn’t have to worry about filling up the entire bucket. Following that she uses spray foam to create the cupcake ‘top’, filling in the top part of the bucket with the spray foam and swirling it in a pattern. She does state that each ‘cupcake’ did take about two cans of foam, but she was able to repurpose some of the casings, cutting them down and turning them into sprinkles. You could do the same or add other extra decorations to make it truly your own!

Allow the foam to fully cure, add on any other little details that you like, then set them out as a part of the rest of your decorations! Your entire neighborhood will be absolutely jealous of your ultra-adorable cupcakes, just make sure no one tries to take a nibble!

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