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Watch as Woman Turns Her Loft Into a Girly Wonderland In Only 6 Weeks

We want to move in!

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Have you ever dreamt of designing your home from floor to ceiling? And do everything from scratch the way you want it? Yes? Me too!

Meet TikTok creator Rachel Martino who is a content creator from New York City and who transformed her loft studio in Brooklyn, NY into a girly wonderland. Everything from scratch, modeled exactly after her vision. Let's take a look.

I wish I could live there! It's perfect!

All she needs is a pink DIY antlers lamp to add to her pink wonderland!

As you can see in the video, Rachel was able to turn her dreams into reality within only six weeks and with the help of a contractor, a team of painters, and wallpaper wizards.

The first and most important step is to measure everything and design where you want everything to be. Once you know the measurements you can hunt for the material, such as wood and paint, as well as wallpaper, and furniture, which she did in the first week of her pink project. And lastly, some decor was needed. 

Week #2 consisted of finalizing the designs, regarding wallpaper and paint color, and seeing which one made the cut.

Week #3 is where the fun began, by getting handy with the material and IKEA furniture, as they were about to get the makeover of their lives. But don't skip the most important step when it comes to upgrading IKEA furniture - priming!

Week #4 focused on the bathroom and kitchen, and Rachel - of course - helped out as well, by laying down the tiles, which I personally think is the most challenging! 

You go, girl!

In week #5 we can slowly see how everything took shape and how it surely came together. That magenta pink is seriously everything! 

And week #6 is where the finalization took place, with all the little details of decorating the loft. 

What an amazing job, Rachel did! The TikTok community was stunned as well and wanted to know the most important part - how much did all this cost?

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