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Woman Creates Glitter Wall Of Every Teenage Girl’s Dreams

Shh, don't let our partners know that we've seen this!

So, what happens when you combine a woman with creativity, access to ‘adult money’, and a wall in need of painting?

One awesome looking wall that a husband might be a little surprised to come home to.


This is the exact situation that TikTok creator Serena Paone found herself in. She jokingly starts the video by saying her husband isn’t around to ‘supervise’ her, though we would say there probably wasn’t much that was going to stop her once she reached this stage of creativity.

Instead, Serena sets herself up with a primed and ready to go blank wall, a gallon of crystal clear top coat, and a boat load of fine-flake glitter. Said glitter is added to the top coat and thoroughly mixed, and we’d like to take the time to point out that this is the only reason this look works. Most people tend to try and add glitter to regular colored paint, and the paint simply covers up the glitter look.

But with the top coat and glitter mixed, Serena really gets to work. Using a roller she applies thick, even coats along her wall, letting each coat dry fully before putting on the next. This step is important, as the glitter creates small air pockets that would make the paint remain ‘tacky’ if allowed to be covered up by another layer.

In the end, though she might have wound up with a little more glitter on her own skin then she probably would have liked, Serena now has a beautiful glitter wall that is likely the envy of teens everywhere. And while there are a few commenters suggesting that maybe this isn’t such a good idea if she would eventually look to sell her house, Serena’s lived in her home for many years and plans to for many more, so why not enjoy a glitter wall to its fullest?