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Woman Thrifted Glass Globe Replacements For Her Bathroom Lights and It Makes a Huge Difference

The little things really can make a huge impact.

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to change up the whole look of your bathroom? Well, there are tons of them out there, including wallpapering your bathroom (yes, you can do that if you do it right) to changing up the layout, but one creative TikTok’er points out that there are other, even simpler, choices you can make!

So let’s dive in with SuzyQ and see how a bit of thrifting can really help update the look of an old bathroom!


Now, I love this DIY because it combines two of my favorite things - making something look more modern and updated while thrifting to do so. So in Suzy’s bathroom, she has those kind of old sconces, the kind with heavy black hangings that have bell-shaped, frosted glass covers. They were probably nice quite a while ago, but for the most part, now they just date a space.

Instead, Suzy went out a-thrifting. At a local store she was able to find a set of white glass lamp shades that looked far cleaner and newer, and she immediately got them into her cart and took them straight home. And yes, while Suzy does say that a good cleaning would go a long way towards helping the look of everything, that will be step two.

Suzy gets to work, unscrewing and replacing the old and dingy looking lamps with the clean, new, white ones and the instant change is dramatic, and beautiful. Even the more bell-like shape looks so much nicer, and all together just goes to prove that you don’t have to make huge changes to make your space look better!

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