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Woman Converts Cheap Lamp into a Luxury Statement Piece

It got a major glow up.

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We all have that one thing in our house that looks… fine, but sure could use a bit of ‘spicing up’. Maybe it is your kitchen pantries or a wall that could do with a touch of paint or maybe a new backsplash, or maybe it is adding a painting or two to a wall in your living room. Oftentimes it is something that you could potentially DIY, saving yourself a ton of money in the process.

So what about lamps? These often forgotten about pieces don’t have to be quite so… unremarkable, especially if you take TikTok creator Flavie_Peartree’s DIY advice and recommendations to heart!


Let’s say that you have a small, rather boring lamp in your house. Sure it does the job, for the most part, but otherwise it just sits there, adding absolutely nothing to your wanted look for your home.

What if I were to tell you that you could oh-so-easily upcycle that very same lamp into something that looks fabulous using a bit of spackle and some stick-on-tiles? It’s true!

Grab yourself your lamp, make sure it is all clean and ready to take the spackle, and tape off your wire. Then add a bit of spray paint, just to give the spackle something to really adhere to, and go ahead and add said spackle. Next take your stick on tile, the kind you might use for a backsplash or in a bathroom, and cut the size you need - there is usually a wire mesh on the back that should make this step easy.

Wrap your tile all around the width of your lamp, cutting out anything that would overlap as well as a small area for the cord to come through easily. Press it all down smoothly, then add extra spackle into the grooves of the tiles themselves the same way you would if you were adding it to anything else. Add some more spackle to the top and smooth everything out with some water and a piece of sandpaper.

Finish the look by adding an oversized light bulb in a complementary shade (go with ivory or less harsh white) and voila - the perfect lamp for your home!

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