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Woman Breaks Down How She Is Going Minimalist In Case You Want to Too

We totally get the appeal.

To put it broadly, there are three different types of people in the world, those who love stuff and order multiple times a week from Amazon, they seem to have a special tool for every job. Then there's the ones who are more conservative, they may have a lot of things and enjoy shopping but it's neatly organized or placed in a “stuff room”. Lastly there are the folks who refuse to buy new products, making their already owned items work, their houses are clutter free no matter what drawer, room, or cupboard you look into.

In a world of humans that produce four pounds of trash a day each, the minimalist lifestyle can seem appealing and a lot of folks have decided to transition to this lifestyle in efforts of reducing waste, living more sustainable, and reducing clutter stress.

Content creator and minimalist @our_gaff_ took to TikTok a quick video showing off their minimalist space that still looks livable. If you have been thinking about transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle but don’t want your space to look bland, this video is for you!

They put heavy emphasis on items they justify having in their minimalist space that still make it feel like a cozy home. Such as purchasing items that serve a purpose, like candles, wax melts, and plants. The neutral color palette sets up the perfect backdrop of the home. They mention that textures of pillows and curtains can add lots of depth to the room while not going overboard.

We love how simple yet cozy their space is!

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