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Woman’s Goodwill Bins Score Got an Incredible DIY Makeover

Her $4 find got a tasteful and expensive face lift.
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There is nothing better than walking into a goodwill and finding the perfect item, to keep it as is or to DIY flip it. Such as an old couch transformed new, an antique mirror turned modern, and a lonely lamp turned modern funky.

It takes a true visionary to see an old piece of furniture and on the spot light up with an idea of how to transform the item. This is exactly what happened to one lady on the TikTok page @goodwillgr when she walked into a Goodwill and found an old record stand that only cost $4.

The woman brings home her $4 antique record holder, and gets to work transforming it to a chic new item for her home. She lays out her tarp, lugs the heavy thing onto it and takes all the metal hardwear off. She sands down the entire thing, removing the original stain and finish, and preps it for paint. She paints the entire cabinet matte black and places new gold hardware on it.

The antique record player flip gets its own spot in the house, she fills it up with delightful records and places her record player on top. The new record stand is so fitting in her home, we love the visionary and execution!

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