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Woman’s Epic Thriftstore Find Will Have You Running to Goodwill

This is insane.

Resale shops, or even places that take donations like Goodwill, see a lot of interesting and unusual items come through their doors. They also see just as many crafty and creative people buy those items and turn them into something cool and ‘new’. That is where the idea of flipping came from, and there have been many people who have made quite a success out of doing so over the years.

But what if there was something else to it - some hidden secret that you could potentially find if you were willing to look for it (and be incredibly lucky?) Let’s dive right in!


So this video covers something that Goodwill frequent-flyer Martha recently found in her most recent dive into her local resale shop. It will also be something that you should definitely check out next time you head to your own shop!

But what is the secret that you should be aware of?

Well, you should be looking into purse pockets, of course! Martha lets us know that in her recent haul she had, among other things, purchased an old Coach bag. Now the bag in and of itself is nice, especially for its seven-dollar price tag, but the real interesting part is what was inside.

While digging into the purse and making sure that it had been cleaned out of any contents by its former owner, Martha found a couple of stains, as would happen with an older purse that had obviously been used and loved, but also there was an envelope hidden inside! Yes, tucked away under the removable bottom of the purse was an envelope, covered in a handwritten note, with money inside it.

And not just a few dollars, but rather three hundred. It seems like the original owner knew exactly what her children would do with her stuff when she passed and decided that she’d tuck bits of her inheritance into all of that she once loved, including the purse itself. Now, we highly recommend you go and listen to the rest of the letter because it is one WILD ride, and remember to check in everything that you buy in the future!