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Woman Places Wood Panels in Cool Chevron Pattern To Bring Dresser Back to Life

The end result is more than worth it.

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Have you ever heard, or thought of trying, upcycling? The term generally refers to taking something old, or that might even have otherwise been thrown out because of a flaw or something similar, and making it either like new again, or transforming it and giving it new life. Plenty of people like to upcycle when they are flipping furniture.

Case in point, this amazing chest of drawers makeover that was done by Danielle of Rediscovered By Danielle!


So essentially for this upcycle, Danielle starts off with an older and obviously quite well-used chest of drawers. The wood of the drawers is stained and nicked, and even buffed out into well-worn spots in some places. Obviously, the entire thing will take a lot of work to get back into some sort of usable shape but luckily the bones are good.

The entire piece needs to first be cleaned off, then sanded extremely well so that there is a base upon which Danielle can really work. This base then gets painted an absolutely delicious looking emerald green slash teal color that seems to almost have a subtle shift with the light, then comes the (in my opinion), real fun part.

Danielle wants to have a feature or statement area for this chest, so she decides to use some wood and cut it into smaller ships, all eventually being used to create a gorgeous chevron pattern on the front of the drawers. A little bit of wood glue is all that is needed to hold the pattern to the drawer, making this a quick and relatively simple upgrade, especially since Danielle leaves the lighter colored wood as-is.

A few last touch-ups and clean-ups, some brand-new hardware, and the entire chest of drawers look better than new - certainly a far cry from its rather banged-up beginnings!

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