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This Goth Chair Makeover Will Have You Wishing You Lived In a Castle

How epic are these?!

Does your style lean a bit more gloom and doom than sunshine and roses? If so, know that you aren’t alone! In fact there are plenty of people out there (many who read and follow DenGarden), who love a bit of a darker aesthetic, and we can see why! There is so much potential when it comes to gothic or goth-esque decor, from cool color-shifting cabinets to the best in thrifted flips!

So let’s take a look at one such interesting goth-themed flip that had one creator taking boring old chairs from dull to daringly dark!


April, of the VictorianManor over on TikTok, is a self-admitted goth who loves to thrift, flip, and DIY stuff to fit her own aesthetic. So when she came across a set of dining room chairs that looked, well, distinctly not-goth, she knew she had to fix that ASAP.

Now, the bones of these chairs were decent, even if the padding for the seats was obviously old and the wood itself was pretty worn. April quickly strips off the padding and chucks it to the side before focusing in on the chair itself. The wood needs a LOT of cleaning, which you can see when she rinses the cleaning cloth out and it is soaked in uck.

Each of the chairs, once prepped, gets a few coats of black Rustoleum paint, which helps cover up any disfigurations in the wood and makes sure that the chairs look cohesive when standing next to each other. Then April puts together the new seats, using brand new foam as well as lush black, rose-etched fabric to help tie the whole look together.

The end result is an absolute *chef’s kiss*. Honestly, it looks SO good when standing against her bat and spooky woods-themed walls, and we could easily imagine them in the background of some old Addam’s Family movie!