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Woman Gives Stairs a Gorgeous Gothic Makeover

We’d hang on these steps all the time!

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It seems like black paint has been getting the credit it deserves lately and we’re here for it. We’ve seen TikTok content creators show us multiple ways they’ve incorporated using black paint to upgrade the appearance of their homes, including painting their windows black, their wooden floors, and even porch floors.

That’s only some of the black paint jobs that we’ve come across and loved, and this latest DIY black paint job we recently discovered courtesy of TikTok content creator @tazw can be added to the list as well. She recently painted her staircase black and we’re in love with the result!


As you can see in the video, she started off using paint stripper to get rid of the white paint, however, after that was taking quite some time to remove the paint, she brought out the sander to speed up the process before ultimately giving up and proceeding to start painting the staircase black. After three coats of black paint and two weeks later, she finally finished the DIY project and it was totally worth it because they turned out so gorgeous and stood out against the white walls. To add a little bit more pizzazz to the staircase, she added white lights to some of the stairs, which made it look even better.

Many of her followers and viewers took to the comment section to express their love of this DIY and we agree. You clearly can’t go wrong with black paint— it’s so aesthetically pleasing.