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Gothic Zen Garden Is Everything an Alternative Person Dreams Of

Seriously, this would relax the heck outta me.

Nowadays our stress- and anxiety levels are through the roof - high. Especially coming out of a pandemic and now dealing with inflation. Therefore, trying to find something to relax, is essential. Sometimes you can find relaxation in the smallest of things, such as creating cute DIY Halloween decorations with a glass coffin graveyard.

However, what often works with stress and anxiety are little zen gardens. Especially cool ones, as TikToker Reby Hardy (@rebyhardy) demonstrates in her video with her goth-inspired one.


Just looking at this makes me feel relaxed! So cute. It makes sense that Reby has a gothic zen garden, looking at the theme of her house. This zen DIY project also works great as Halloween decorations and would also be a fun activity for your kiddos. You can probably buy this as a kit at Michaels, if not you can just get all the items separate. Etsy and Amazon are other great options to find zen gardens, especially in the spooky Halloween edition. Another option is to hit the toy section of your nearest department store and scoop out either Playmobil or LEGO, get some bird sand - because it is soft and feels relaxing - and you can do your own creation of a zen garden, completely from scratch. 

And honestly, as Reby suggested in her video, what is more relaxing than secretly burying bad thoughts and your enemies? A zen garden is the perfect solution.