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Mom Builds GPS For Grandmom She Keeps Losing In the Garden

We love her cute hat.

Grandparents are the best. They do so much for us as long as they’re able to do so and they’re simply a joy to be around. What’s even more special about them is they loves us just as much we love them and enjoy our presence just as much. So much so, that they’ll even partake in some of our favorite hobbies if that means they can spend a little time with us.

As much as we love quality time with the grandparents, it’s important for us to be extra careful with them for a variety of reasons. And that’s exactly what this Tiktok mom is doing with the grandma in the video. Unfortunately, grandma keeps getting lost in the garden and since it happens often, this mom comes up with the most adorable way to make sure she doesn’t lose grandma again. Check out the cute video below!


If that’s not the cutest GPS! The little red flag on the hat kind of reminds us of the flag attached to the GoKart racing cars. It’s too cute! And of course the grandma is adorable, too!

With over three million views and 800 comments, it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones who loves grandma’s cute hat! The comments are filled with hilarious responses. “gps = grandma protection system,” @fafnyrd wrote. “You can even see [the hat] over the comments,” @kindylfire hilariously wrote. “This gives “turtle with a balloon tied around its shell” vibes,” @selena__nina commented. “Finally a good red flag,” said. LOL.

We love this. Hopefully, we’ll get some more adorable content featuring grandma again soon!