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Grandparents Build an Epic Sleepover Room for Grandchildren

They are lucky little ones.

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Some of my fondest memories from childhood tend to center around my grandparent’s house. From running around outside, getting up super early to help my grandma cook, and of course, spending long summer nights sleeping by their bed when I was too little to stay in my own room (or I just didn’t want to!) They went out of their way to do plenty of things for me, including setting up all sorts of fun places to play!

Luckily it seems like I am not the only one, as Jackie from TikTok proves as she shows off what her parents have created for her own children so that they have their own special space!


So, in this video, we get to see the length’s that Jackie’s parents will go to for their grandkids just to make sure that they have a nice and safe space in which to sleep. Now, I have to admit that I am a bit jealous because, yes, while I loved to sleep in my grandparent’s room, and it made me feel safe when I was little, it was also just a pallet on the floor.

Comfortable but not nearly as awesome as what Jackie’s parents have created.

In their house, up a small flight of stairs, is the kid’s room. The first thing you see is creams and whites and three beds, each set up nicely with half walls in between each one of them. This allows any kid (or kids) who are staying over to feel like they have their own space. The beds also all look similar, but there are small touches that set each apart from the other, giving them a bit of individuality without making any single child feel better, or less than the others.

You can bet that I’ll be taking inspiration from this room for future use!

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