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Couple Turns Greenhouse Into Adorable Lounge Area and TBH We Want to Move In

Um, this is stunning.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, having a garden is quite a luxury, especially if it comes with a pool or guest house, for example. Not only can it keep your in-laws away from interfering with your privacy but it could also act as your husband's man cave or your little sanctuary. And where other people focus more on the aesthetics of the entire garden, like this TikToker and her Jurassic Park-themed garden, others want to build a greenhouse!

Yes, that's right! This TikTok creator @productivetoker decided her plants and herself need a sunny roof over their head, so what's better than sitting in a greenhouse? 


As this TikToker shares in her video, the transformation is just jaw-dropping! It only took three weeks to accomplish the final results, and it is even better than a pool house or guesthouse combined. What could maybe top this is a treehouse, but still this greenhouse idea is genius. Apparently, greenhouses are not only for plants but also people. It has a homey yet rustic look, with big rocks as flooring bought at Home Depot, shelves from Amazon, the chair from World Market, some fabric for decoration, and of course a lot of plants. As you can see, in her other video, it is a 10 by 12 harbor freight greenhouse and apparently a pain in the butt. Regardless, how fun would it be to sip your morning coffee in there, while you are reading your favorite book and taking all those sun rays in? Just dreamy! Of course, more can be added to it, like a pool table to turn it into a game room. 

But we love it just the way it is!