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Texas Man Shares Greenhouse Tips to Help Keep Your Plants Alive This Winter

Baby, it's already cold outside!

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Winter is pretty much the time that most of us are packing in our gardening equipment and calling it quits until the next season’s thaw. But did you know that there are still plenty of things that you can do to not only winterize your garden and even prep for next year? There are tons!

One other way you can keep your favorite fruits and veggies going all year long is through the use of a greenhouse! Let’s join Destin, the TexasGardenGuy, over on TikTok as he gives out a few useful tips for ensuring that your greenhouse is properly winterized!


So what do you need to help make sure that your garden greenhouse is properly winterized? The very first step is to make sure that each of your sides is held down against the winter wind. Destin uses large garden pavers as added protection along the sides, holding down the edges that otherwise might flap up and allow the cold air inside. This is especially important and helpful if you have a pop-up greenhouse.

Next, Destin recommends investing in good duct tape and several rolls of it! Now, you can throw in jokes about duct tape all you want, but the stuff is really handy! If you’ve got any rips or tears you can easily patch them up with duct tape to ensure that your greenhouse remains winter-proof. The stuff will hold up until you can get a good patch job in, or even swap out your tarp.

Some more tips involve using t-posts in the corners to help support everything, putting down a thick layer of mulch or wood chips at the very bottom for extra warmth, as well as a few other handy tricks I definitely recommend adding to your winterizing routine this year!

Hope this helps, and happy winter gardening!

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