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Grizzly Bear Waltzes Into Tennessee Living Room Like He Owns the Place

Uh, excuse you sir!

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If you live in the middle of nowhere that's close to the woods or mountains, you might have encountered some sort of wild animal in your backyard, such as coyotes or foxes. And while these are terrifying, they're probably more scared of you than you of them, unless they're really hungry. Just kidding! However, what would you do if a huge grizzly bear tries to enter your property? 

This is what TikTok creator Anderson encountered in his Tennessee home, while he had guests over. What an encounter! Let's check it out!


I must say, everyone handled themselves and the situation well. I would have experienced a panic attack, that's for sure!

The men especially showed the bear who's the boss. And TikTok loved it.

As you can see in the video, Anderson had the door to the patio open, as he was having a party, and the next thing you see is the grizzly peeking in. It looks like, he was looking for food, as he was also roaming the patio curiously. Thank goodness, he wasn't starving and ready to attack. He seemed chill and left without a fight, once all the men stood up and went in his direction. Good thing they locked the door, right after he left.

As TikToker @alwaysbbbb posted,

"I love how all the men stood up and went towards the bear."

I agree! 

Another person (@lgreenemfm) wrote,

"I do appreciate that every man got right up to protect that house."

They showed the bear who's the man of the house.

And TikToker @milanda_campbell_raines commented,

"When your party is loud and your neighbor comes over to complain."


This should be a lesson for everyone who lives in the wilderness, don't leave your doors or windows wide open at all given times when wild animals, such as grizzly bears, are around. 

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