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Man Shares Trick for Getting Rid of German Cockroaches In Spine-Tingling Video

Time to move?

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Do you have cockroaches living in your home? If so, it may be time to move. Well, as much as we hate cockroaches, moving isn’t always an option and if that’s the case for you, we have an excellent way to help you combat roaches nesting in your home with this handy trick from TikTok user and pest control expert @danbugman.

As he mentioned in the video, cockroaches are experts at hiding, but one way you can become privy to where their hiding locations are is by paying attention to where their antennas may be poking out in certain areas in your home. When the poke their antennas out, they’re trying to get a sense of the outside world, but this is a perfect time to take note of where their nest is located. For example, in this particular instance @danbugman found antennas sticking out from behind cabinets near the refrigerator, but in other cases, you can have a cockroach infestation behind your stove, under your dishwasher and other cabinets in your home as well.

When you see the antennas, it’s best to spray that entire area with your pest control treatment to help remedy the issued hopefully get rid of the infestation.

As fellow TikTok user wrote in the comment section, “If you see one… there are thousands hidden everywhere!”

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