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This Grout Cleaner Is Insanely Good

Just peep the “before” and “after.”

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If your zodiac sign is Virgo, chances are you might be a clean freak. Or if you have OCD like me. Regardless of your reason, cleaning can be quite therapeutic and who doesn't like a clean home? However, whereas some cleaning tasks are quite satisfying, like cleaning a shower head, others - such as scrubbing the grout on your kitchen or bathroom tiles clean - can be straight-up daunting. 

This might change now, thanks to this TikToker @honestmommak who tested a few grout cleaners and named the winner in her video.


Wow! So strong! Apparently, she tested quite a few grout cleaners but Ellie's Totally Awesome Cleaner was named the winner, as it effortlessly fights the grout grime. As you can see, a few sprays and you can scrub away. What a difference between the before and after photos. It is recommended to let the cleaner soak for a few minutes though and then you can easily scrub away all that grime, either with an old toothbrush or scrubber. It's hard to say how often you have to clean the grout between the tiles to keep it squeaky clean, as that all depends on the foot traffic in your kitchen and bathroom. However, you can also use a Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker after you deep clean to make the clean look last longer. 

One TikToker even suggested using a steam cleaner with a grout attachment.

I'd have to try all of these suggestions!