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This 2 Ingredient Dollar Store DIY Hack Gets Grout Sparkling Clean

All it takes is these two items, a scrub brush, and a little elbow grease to get grout looking great again.

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The bane of my homemaking existence is cleaning the grout in my bathroom. As someone who has family showering all hours of the day, my tile takes a beating from the hard water and soap scum build up. I have tried so many different products, but no matter what I use, it doesn't quite clean it up flawlessly. There is always a shadow of dirt and for the effort I put it, it is not giving me the clean reward I so deserve.

I had just about given up, when I saw this simple recipe on TikTok that legitimately blew my mind. Cleaning whiz @cleanwithChristine, took followers with her to the dollar store and picked up just two ingredients that changed the way I'll tackle grout in the future.


All she does is grab some baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide, along with a handled scrub brush. She mixes together equal parts of the two ingredients making sure they are fully combined and then pours it directly onto the grout. She then scrubs it thoroughly and the dirt in the grout was just disappears. After she is done she wipes it with a damp cloth and the grout and tiles are shining.

People were in awe of her hack, and said they were going to try it immediately.

The only modification I plan on making is putting the mixture in a spray bottle so I can attack the walls. It's simple, easy, and will only cost a few bucks to try.