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Grow Your Own Lemons With This Super Simple Hack

When life gives you lemons...grow some more

Lemons have so many uses that are beneficial to our daily lives. You can use lemons to clean your home, make fresh lemonade and some people claim you can use the popular citrus fruit as a part of your beauty routine.

Regardless of how you choose to use lemons in your home, it’s evident that lemons are beneficial, so it’s necessary to make sure you have at least a few them on hand and ready when you may randomly need them. Sure, you can make a trip to the grocery store to pick some up, but it’s way more convenient if you can start growing your own. And thanks to Armen Adman of popular TikTok account @creative_explained, we now have an easy hack to start the process of growing our very own lemon tree. It’s so simple!


This hack is too good! In the video that’s already been viewed almost 13 million times, he took a wet paper towel, placed it on the counter and put the lemon seed on top. Afterwards, he folded the paper towel several times with the lemon seed still tucked in before placing it a Ziplock bag. He then placed the Ziplock bag in a dark cabinet. After a week, you’ll see the sprouted seed and at that point you’ll plant it into a small pot with soil and water it to get it moist. Create a humid environment by using half of a plastic bottle to cover the plant. Afterwards, repot the plant as it grows or plant it outside in your garden.

Apparently, once seed can produce up to 120 lemons! It’s so easy and makes us question why we haven’t done this sooner.