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Mom Sets Up “Growing” Skeleton Activity For Toddler Halloween Fun and It’s Genius

We bet the neighbors got a kick out of it too.

Halloween is such a fun time for us adults, but it is an even more exciting season for little ones! They get to go out all dressed up as their favorite characters or creepy monsters, get candy, and of course enjoy all the sights and sounds of a neighborhood lit up for the holiday.

Seeing the season through their eyes is one of the best parts about Halloween - it allows us to remember ourselves at that age, when everything was still wondrous, even if it was a little bit scary at the same time. It is also the reason why so many of us, as adults, try our best to make crafts or activities that the little ones can be involved in, such as this ‘growing skeleton’ that one mama came up with for her kiddo!


Amanda Duckworth’s kiddo is still young enough to believe in many of the fantastical things around her, making it the perfect time for her mama to pull out a few tricks from under her sleeve.

So she decided to head out and grab skeletons - several skeletons in all different sizes. Then there was the bucket. Now this bucket is important, so keep it in mind. To set up the ‘trick’, Amanda went out one morning and put out a bucket, filled it with soil, and tied the smallest skeleton she had bought along with a sign.

Amanda’s daughter was then told to go out and water the skeleton each morning. After a few days - bam - the skeleton had grown! Meaning overnight Amanda had gone out and added the next largest skeleton. Rinse and repeat over several more days, as well as several more skeletons, and the end result is the largest skeleton of all.

A twelve-foot skeleton that towers above all the neighborhood, all ‘grown’ by a happy little girl who now probably has an intense love for Halloween (and maybe even gardening) for the rest of her life!