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Mom Ships Girls Off to Grandma's to Turn Their Baby Room into Big Girl Rooms

And the makeover was so bittersweet for her.

You don't have to be an expert on kids to know that getting them out of the house for a few days can be good for everyone. After all, it gives you time to work on some things without interruption. You can make changes in the home or prepare for future projects that require downtime or peace.

This mom used the downtime to recreate an entire room from scratch. Most moms like to keep their budgets tight and wait until the next baby is on the way to do any major renovations. But this mom didn't want her girls to grow out of their rooms so quickly, so she went ahead and made them over into big girl spaces! Here's how she did it:

The girls' reactions speak for the results of this mom's hard work, but other parents on the internet couldn't hold back their appreciation either.

"You are one of the best Moms out there! You are amazing!" @em_eboh

"Cutest room, for 2 beautiful ballerinas. Great job, mom!" @kampergirl

Take some inspo from this mom's hard work if you ever need to redo or age up your little one's rooms.

When redoing a baby's room, it's important to leave room for toys. You want your child to have plenty of space to move around and play, so don't forget to account for a reading nook or play area where she can set up her dolls or action figures. If you can expand into an unfinished basement or attic area, this is also an excellent place for kids' rooms!

However, if you're working with limited space and storage options in your home, consider using the walls as much as possible when deciding what should go where in terms of furniture placement. This way, your child will have a nice amount of open space without taking up too much room overall.