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Woman Shares Video of a Gruesome Discovery Under the Carpet Removal and It Will Give You the Chills

Imagine you just bought this house!

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Imagine you bought an old house, like a 100-year-old house, and you find some strange things, such as a music box. It's weird and somewhat creepy, but not necessarily alarming, right? Well, what about if you'd find a ton of blood stains under the rug?

Yup! That's exactly what happened to this TikTok creator @pakuykone641 who bought a 110-year-old home and removed the carpet, only to discover various blood stains. Let's check it out!

I might not be an expert, but it certainly looks like a crime scene to me!

Blood stains are hard to remove, and just because you can get rid of them on the surface, once sunk into the material and dried - you can still spot them. 

And if you've watched the fictional crime show CSI, this should definitely be sent to the lab and checked out by professionals, although she bought a test kit and tested it at home.

TikTok also suggested reporting this, looking at the comments section.

TikToker @_jadegoescrazy_ said,

"We found a spot when we bought our 1958 home, human-sized. Turns out that’s where the first owner was found. People die in their homes."

Where this is a possibility, the blood stains under her carpet look like multiple ones and don't look like stains due to human remains.

And TikToker @bbrustic wrote,

"Welp, you have ghosts for sure."

Hopefully not a haunting, although this could be fun for Halloween.

Another TikToker (@pizza_angel619) posted,

"When I moved into my house there was a soaked mattress. The fuzz just said to throw it away cuz no one was missing in the county."


And TikToker @ceceq1 commented,

"So, this is the part where you make a report because some cleaning jobs, thankfully, can only evade the cops for so long. Wouldn't hurt to check..."

I totally agree. At least to find out how old these blood stains are and who the previous owner was. The county must have all the records.

What would you do if you'd find blood stains in your home?

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