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Woman and Husband Arrive at Mom’s House and Learn She Set Up Her Guest Bedroom Like a Hotel

And she truly provided a 5-star experience

The holiday season brings many things; lots of wine, good food, and going home for the holidays to stay at your parents or in-laws house. Nothing can prepare you for the first visit home with your significant other, the worries your folks left your room with, how you lived in it last. A Britney Spears poster blasted on the wall, Jonas Brothers beddings, and a mirror marked with different colored lipstick kiss marks.

If you are lucky enough to not have parents that turned your old room into a museum of the teenage you then you likely will be staying in a guest room that is comfortable and mimics the rest of the house.

 Something we haven't seen before but love is the guest room @theprintedpaige mother created and surprised them with upon their arrival.

This is such a fun idea and neat way to host guests staying at your home! To create the hotel guest room look the mother first included two double beds that were set up identical with a night stand in the middle- much of what you see in hotels. She even added a cute mini bar with small wine bottles and alcohol shooters.

The overall look and design of the room is so chic, the design elements all tie in to each other and it looks like it was taken straight out of a boutique hotel!

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