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Watch Woman Create a Large Planter Using a Giant Gym Ball

It's genius!

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If you're into planting and keeping a lot of different plants around, you might know that buying pots can get pricey. Therefore, many people just try DIY projects - planter's edition. 

Such as TikTok creator Erena Te Paa from New Zealand, who came up with a genius hack for creating a massive pot. Let's take a look!

Wow! That's so cool and relatively easy to replicate.

All you need is a giant gym ball, some vegetable oil, cement, fabric, fiberglass tape, and lastly a rope and hot glue. You'd also need a jug, a bowl, a mixing stick, a spatula, a face mask, and of course gloves. Lastly, you need something to keep the ball in place, like a flat bowl.

She first coated the ball in oil, then layered the cement with the fabric and fiberglass tape, let it dry, and deflated the ball. She then added the rope, and more cement and waited for it to dry again. She also created a cement tray for the base.

After everything was dried, Erena gave the final results a paint job. And there you have it, a giant planter.

So simple. Well, maybe a little tedious - but certainly doable!

The best part is, you can also use this for a Christmas tree holder. 

TikTok loved it too and had a few suggestions on how to make it even better, by turning the planter into a table.

As TikToker @jessdeena suggested,

"Put glass on top and it’s a table!"

That's a great idea and would look so cool!

TikToker @mangomarketingco just said,


While TikToker @amyc025 mentioned,

"That’s so creative."

Indeed, it is.

And TikToker @stillhavetime2deletevid asked,

"Will this survive outside?"

To which Erena replied,

"Yes, if you’ve used good layers of cement and your paint is hardwearing exterior paint."

Good to know!

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