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If You’re Getting Married Soon, Stock Up on This Halloween Gauze

It looks amazing any time of year

DIY weddings require more than just having a strict budget and a few hands on deck. DIY weddings also call for having a creative eye and whether or not you’re quite the creative individual, it’s absolutely necessary for you to stock up on this Halloween accessory.

Thanks to TikTok user and photographer, @raechelmariephoto, you’ll want to run to your nearest Dollar or craft and grab this Halloween gauze because how she uses it at this wedding is absolutely stunning!


As seen in the quick video, this unexpected DIY hack is gorgeous as a table runner for an upcoming wedding or dinner event no matter the time of year. We love how she adorned the gauze with neutral-colored ornamental grass and warm-toned candles and vases. What makes this hack even better is that it’s cost-effective as a package of 12.5” gauze cost roughly $10 depending on where you shop.

Unsurprisingly, we’re not the only ones in awe over this beautiful and simple hack. Many viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts and ideas. “You can also just buy colored cheesecloth table runners from hobby lobby. Typically about $5 each but will normally go half off at least once a month,” one TikTok user shared. “I love this idea,” @ls25.0 wrote.

We love this idea, too! Who would’ve thought Halloween gauze could be used in such a beautiful way?!