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This Halloween-Themed Bleached Shirt Is Perfect For Spooky Season

Clearly, we can't wait for Halloween

We know we're barely through the first week of August, but given the amount of Halloween and autumn-themed content we’ve seen all across social media, it appears just about everyone is looking forward to the spooky season and are already taking the necessary steps to prepare for it.

Aside from decorating their homes with everything fall-related, people are embracing Halloween early by even dressing up for the popular day. While we may not see as many Halloween costumes on the shelves just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on dressing up for the Halloween occasion. Just take a look at this easy DIY courtesy of TikTok content creator and trendy shirt designer @sublimationtiedyeblanks. In this video, she shows us how to easily create a simple and perfect Halloween-themed t-shirt.


Armed with a spray bottle of bleach and a long metal chain, she simply sprays bleach onto the center of the navy blue shirt, creating a large circle. Next, she takes the chain and strategically places it across the sleeves and bottom of the shirt, and proceeds to spray bleach onto the metal chain. To complete this simple DIY project, she removes the chain from the shirt and sprays a little extra bleach onto the shirt to give it more of a dramatic appearance and we love it!

If you attempt to do this project, she mentions to not allow the bleach to sit too long so it won’t thin out the material of the shirt, and to wash and dry it before wearing.

Anyone else getting Jason Vorhees vibes from this shirt? It’s so fitting (pun absolutely intended)!