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This Halloween Soap Is Too Easy (And Cheap) To Not Try And DIY It

It's perfect for spooky season!

Many Halloween enthusiasts love decorating their homes with plenty of seasonal spooky items to show how much they love Halloween. While some people love to decorate their porch and front yard, others choose to take their décor talents indoors as well.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator Sarah of @sareishh. Not only did she simply decorate the inside of her home, she took it a step further and decorated her soap dispensers as well, and we love how she did it!


To do this simple DIY Halloween décor project, Saraa purchased a few soap dispensers and placed fake eye balls, skulls and spiders into the dispensers and simply filled each of them with soap before swapping out her regular soap with her new Halloween decorated soap. The soap makes the little Halloween trinkets look slightly bigger and more exaggerated and we love it.

Her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on this easy and timely DIY project. “Super dope Halloween home decor love to see it,” TikTok user @rabbit_trap commented. “This is so creative,” @autumnsaro shared. “I love this idea!!!!” @cryyyystina wrote.

Uhhh we do, too! It’s so simple, easy to do and perfect for minimalists who may want to decorate for Halloween, but don’t want to do too much.