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Crafty Teen Amazingly Hand Knits Chunky Blanket In One Night

Those are some serious skills there, girl!

Crocheting can be rather difficult to learn - that’s why a lot of us pick up somewhat simpler methods of creating clothes and blankets, such as weaving or more. So whenever we see someone learn how to crochet, we are always fairly impressed.

But for someone, especially a teen, to be able to not only teach themselves how to knit but make a full on blanket, all in one day? It is literally mind blowing!


This example is exactly what the teen daughter of TikTok creator Ashli Whitworth did. When Ashli went in to Home Depot to grab some diamond art for herself, her daughter decided to also pick up her own craft - hand crocheting a blanket.

Using a few youtube videos and her own ingenuity, said teen went to work. And while some might argue that hand crocheting is a little easier to learn since the loops are larger and you don’t have to have all the same tools as ‘technical’ crocheting, the result is still remarkable.

Stitch by stitch and line after line, Ashli’s daughter creates the blanket, and we get to follow along, seeing the various stages that the blanket is in until completion. And the best thing is, this teen doesn’t just stick to one color - she blends various ones to make a full sized blanket worthy of going on our bed right now (and seriously, can she just go ahead and start making one for us too?)

By the end of the night, and the end of the video, we get to see Ashli’s daughter enjoying her brand new, hand made blanket with the comfort of some ice cream and the feeling of a job well done. Kudos to you for picking up this craft in literally hours, and in being able to make something that would probably take us a week or more to do!