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This Simple Masking Tape Hack Will Have You Hanging Pictures In Half the Time

Why haven't we thought about this?!

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As someone who has personally not purchased a frame because it had double hooks on the back, this tape trick is sheer genius. Because the simple truth is, I hate hanging pictures. Yes, I could absolutely use a ruler, but honestly the extra steps you have to go through to make sure both screws or nails perfectly line up just isn't worth it. This simple hack solves all that. 

The folks at @LifeHacks.ho have a bunch of simple DIY ideas for people to follow, but perhaps one of their more genius ones was this masking tape hanging hack. 


Gathering your materials should involve you getting some masking tape, a Sharpie, screws, a drill and a level. In the video they show the person securing the tape to the back of a hangable object. Then they simple take a Sharpie and "color in" or trace the outline of the holes they have on the frame. Once they do that, they stick it to the wall, drill the screws into the designated, marked spots and then rip the tape away.

While this is an amazing tip, we would recommend double checking if the holes are facing the correct way up, and using a level before placing the tape to ensure it's straight. Otherwise, this is a great way to skip the tedious ruler.