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Plant Mom Shares How An Average Bobby Pin Can Help Your House Plants

This is a simple trick for making your heartleaf philodendrons full and bushy.

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Hanging plants are all the rage now, and it is easy to see why. They turn every space they are hung into lush greenhouse. Heartleaf philodendrons for example are also pretty low maintenance. They only need watering roughly every 7-10 days, indirect sunlight, and to be frequently pruned. The goal for the hanging plant might seem like it's to just get long, loose tendril vines, but in reality part of the regular pruning process should be attempting to root it back into the pot.

When you do this not only do you make sure the plant is strong and healthy, it makes it more full and gorgeous. One easy way to make this happen? A bobby pin.


Plant aficionados behind the plant delivery company VetterPlantCo., recently shared a neat hack for getting them rooted by using a bobby pin. You want to make sure that you really open up the bobby pin and then secure it where the node is located. It's important to pin at the node into the dirt because that is where the root will spring from and will grow over time. 

Some followers were blown away by this simple tip and were super grateful for the fact that they didn't have to cut off months of growth to keep it healthy!