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Woman Comes Up With Clever Alternative for Hanging Stockings Without a Fireplace

It looks stunning too.

The act of hanging stockings on the fireplace mantle has been a long-standing tradition for many families. For centuries, it’s been said to believe that stockings were hung on the fireplace mantle for a number of reasons, whether to allow socks to dry or to anxiously await the annual return of Santa Claus to fill their stockings with treats and trinkets.

While the reasons for hanging stockings on the fireplace mantle vary, so does the actual location of where people choose to hang their stockings. Nowadays, not everyone has a fireplace in their home and if you’re one of those individuals that fall in that category but still want to hang Christmas stockings, check out this easy and cute alternative from TikTok content creator @bymeghang.

How cute is this DIY mantle-less stocking hanger?! I mean seriously, even if we had a fireplace mantle in my home, I’d still consider this as an option because it’s so rustic chic! To do this easy DIY, all she did was purchase a thick tree branch (if you live in an area that has nice-sized branches, consider yourself lucky!) and screw-in cup hooks for hanging. Finally, after screwing the hooks into the branch, she then proceeded to hang the branch onto her wall using the tried and true renter-friendly command strips.

Of course you can stop there if you’d like, however if you want to add a little pizazz to the DIY, you can always dress it up by adding some garland to it.

Either way, this mantle-less fireplace will almost make you wish you didn’t have a fireplace mantle if you do!

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