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The Harmless 1 Minute April Fool's Prank You Can Pull Off With a Paper Toilet Roll and Water

This would absolutely make us do a double take.

In case you forgot, today is April 1, which means if you are gullible should proceed throughout your day with extra caution. But if you are an agent of chaos, boy have we got the easiest, effective, and relatively harmless prank for you. In the interest of time, effort, and avoiding emotional trauma, this simple prank only requires you to wet a cardboard  paper towel or toilet roll.

Once you do, and roll it around in your hands a bit you have the most convincing looking piece of fake poop you'll ever see. 

This evil genius TikToker simply soaks a roll under a heavy stream in the sink, ripped it in half, and began forming her fake poo. After it dries a bit, she then gave followers ideas on where to stash it. Of course nothing is really off limits, It can be tucked into shoes, corners of the room, or wild places like the sink or the bed. And if you have pets, it's even more convincing.

 Can you imagine your partner freshly coming out of the shower to find a fake pile of steaming poo in their slippers or on their towel? We're cracking up just thinking about it.

The best part is that this prank really doesn't damage anything permanently...except maybe your "victim's" trust. It's ultimately hysterical, simple, and easy enough to pull off like, right now. Happy pranking!